The company

Premium Research is a company aimed at strengthening the capacity of public and private researchers to develop effective R&D as well as to manage the whole cycle of technology-business ideas

Premium Research fuses scientific excellence with R&D management capacity and technology transfer expertise

Premium Research team is formed by senior professionals among Technology Business Managers, Scientists and Research Project Managers





Premium Research supports you to:

THINK & PLAN. Drafting your strategy and creating new ideas to achieve your goals

RESEARCH. Promoting the development of research actions and projects, as well as technology & market watch

FINANCE. Attracting public and private funding for the implementation of the research actions

VALORISE. Fostering the commercial exploitation of the results of your research findings and technologies

COMMUNICATE. Enhancing the impact of your research actions in the media and in the scientific community

CAPACITATE. Training professionals and manage knowledge and innovation within organisations


Benefits for our private and public clients:

Higher quality and effectiveness of research actions and projects

Financial resources through commercialization of products and services

Networking and internationalisation of organisations and networks

Saving costs through efficiency for planning and coordination

Impact on society and market benefits

Staff training for research and its management

Attraction and capacitating of scientific talent