The company

Premium Research is a company aimed at strengthening the capacity of public and private research organisations to develop effective R&D as well as to manage the whole cycle formed by societal gaps, innovation, technology, business, learning and Circular Economy

Premium Research fuses scientific excellence with R&D management capacity and technology transfer expertise, with special enphasis on Circular Economy issues

Premium Research team is formed by senior professionals among Research Project Managers, Scientists and Experts in Learning & Communication

Premium Research also runs its own national and international innovation projects in the areas of research, technology, learning and communication

Added value

Premium Research supports you to:

THINK & PLAN. Drafting your strategy and creating new ideas to achieve your goals

RESEARCH. Promoting the development of research actions and projects, as well as technology & market watch

FINANCE. Attracting public and private funding for the implementation of the research actions

VALORISE. Fostering the commercial exploitation of the results of your research findings and technologies

COMMUNICATE. Enhancing the impact of your research and innovative awareness actions in the media and in the scientific community

CAPACITATE. Training professionals and managing large scale learning and innovation projects



Advanced Biostatistical Analysis & Scientific Production. Collect, process, analyse, summarise, draw conclusions and publishing of biological research actions.

Bioinformatics & Machine Learning. Advanced bioinformatics and machine learning solutions to enhance scientific research and biotechnological development. Utilising state-of-the-art algorithms, we analyse complex data to deliver precise insights. Our team of experts offers personalised services to optimise your research and development projects.

Lab support & animal models. Comprehensive lab support and animal model generation services to advance your research. Our expert team assists with equipment management, experiment setup, and bespoke animal model creation. Enhance the efficiency and precision of your projects with our specialised services.

Clinical Trials. Contract Research Organization (CRO) for clinical trials at medical centres.

R&D and innovation projects. Expert support along the whole life cycle of European and national research and innovation projects.

IPR & Technology Transfer. Support the translational research connecting the academy to the market in many technology fields besides the biomedical sector.

Product Testing. Validate new technologies in the market, mainly for medical devices.


Commercial Strategy and Marketing. Improve the global marketing strategy, messages, channels, campaigns and tools.

Innovative learning projects. Implementation of disruptive learning projects for primary and secondary school, vocational education and higher education.

Master degree. Strategic alliance for the development of master dregree programmes in universities using public-private partnerships.